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Thursday, December 04, 2008

House M.D. and Cuddy

I have written before about this show which, despite it's many faults, may be the best dramatic show on television. No offense to those who love any of the CSI shows or L&O shows or Desperate Housewives. House M.D. is entertaining and thought provoking. Plus, I don't watch a lot of TV, so I stick with what I like.

Each year the writers devise extended arcs. These arcs have often included romances between characters, often involving House. They started the year with best friend Wilson wanting to leave the hospital after the death of his girlfriend, presumably caused by House. It wasn't a bad arc. This one ended with the odd "trip to Dad's funeral".

Now we have the "Are House and Cuddy going to get together" story line. Part of me hopes that it ended this past Tuesday night, when Cuddy spotted House with another giggling woman when she was about to throw herself it him (we think). I don't think we're so lucky.

Writers and producers can read a calendar. My guess is that this "romance" will last through the February sweeps period. FOX will encourage viewers to keep up with the story line while the show moves from Tuesday to Monday. Then they will move to another arc to finish the season.

Actually, this is not a new story line. It has simply gone from subtle pretext to a prominent discussion each week. Was it just a year ago where, when House made an outlandish comment about the two of them getting together, Cuddy said "That boat sailed long ago"? Sounded to me like they already had an affair once.

Wilson is gently pushing the two together. The two of them are fighting it. You feel that Cuddy has been waiting for this. Sure, she's dated other men. She's tried to have a baby. She's tried to adopt. But all the while, she's been waiting for House to come around.

I'm not certain how this could not end badly. She's his boss. If he ruins her self-perception (and why wouldn't he, just for kicks), she could easily fire him. Who would follow him out the door? Cameron? Doubtful. Kutner? Maybe. Either that or she would quit the hospital. That would allow for a new hospital administrator. Wouldn't that be fun!

Foreman is just waiting for his chance to take over for House. Now would be an excellent time.

As screwy as all this is, knowing the writers, they will work their way out of this paper bag. Meanwhile, we'll have fun watching.



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