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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back from Chicago

This past weekend I was in Chicago for the IASB (school board) workshops, etc. I enjoyed myself, somewhat. I missed my family. I ate too much. I didn't sleep well. Other than that, it was a good time.

Seriously, I love Chicago. I love walking up and down the streets to the Hyatt and down Michigan Avenue. I wish I had money to shop! I bought my family some Chicago t-shirts. I didn't have a lot of time for more shopping. In past years, I did my shopping on Sunday, but this year I had to run back home Sunday morning because my wife and I teach Sunday school at our church. Sigh.

After all the meetings and the eating and the driving, I was exhausted Monday. I was surprised I was so tired, but I could hardly drag myself to work and then drag myself home. This was after a two hour nap Sunday afternoon and about seven hours that night. I should have been rested.

Anyway, I think I'm recovered now, just in time for Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday and I'm looking forward to it. Hope you have a great holiday as well!

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