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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where's Alex Been?

It feels like I am entering a room in my parent's home that I haven't entered for years. You expect it to be the same, but it isn't somehow.

It says I haven't posted since December 2008. A lot has happened since then. I've never been much for sharing personal stuff, but let me catch you up.

First, my father became ill and passed away. It was all very sudden. It's been close to a year and a half now and I'm still very sad.

My daughter graduated from college. She wrote the best graduation speech I've ever heard. It's wonderful. I ought to post a link so you may all read it.

I bought an iPhone. I love it. Got one for my daughter last week.

My mother-in-law passed away in December 2009. She was very ill, but it was very sad. My wife will be sad for a long time.

I have been given a fake promotion at work! It's one of those promotions where you are doing the job, but they aren't paying you and they can't give you the title without paying you. I have been told I will get the title and the money anytime, but I'm still waiting.

Those are the high points. I don't follow as many podcasts as I used to. I still listen to "Wait, Wait" and "leShow", but not much else. I'll add a link to LATW which I enjoy.

Since getting my iPhone, I've been following Twitter! I really enjoy it. I thought my daughter was silly when she told me she was following over 200 people. I didn't realize how quickly the number of people followed could grow. I was close to 100 myself, but then trimmed it down. I am following around eighty people right now.

Getting back to blogging will take some time. I hope you will bear with me while I get my blogging legs back.

Most of all, enjoy the day!


Monday, December 08, 2008


Lots to do. No time to do it.

Lots to say. No time to say it.

Hopefully, I will fit some time in my schedule for a long post tonight, but for now it will have to wait.

We got a tree last night, but haven't had time to trim. We've purchased a couple of gifts, but haven't had time for real shopping.

School Board meeting this week. Holiday get-togethers. Work. Church. Kids. Arrgh!

Better get to it.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Mother Dimm

Yesterday, I took my mother to see a cornea specialist. She's been complaining about seeing at a distance. She's all but stopped driving.

The doctor said she may have glacoma, but it's unlikely. She wants to do a test. More serious is the development of cataracts. Mom is going to wait until April to deal with either/both.

Although this was an important eye doctor visit, the day was more a chance to allow Mom a chance to talk. She talked about Dad. She talked about her brothers and sisters. She talked about people we knew.

She gave me a chance to brag about my family. Overall, it was a good day.

Guess I better get back to work.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

House M.D. and Cuddy

I have written before about this show which, despite it's many faults, may be the best dramatic show on television. No offense to those who love any of the CSI shows or L&O shows or Desperate Housewives. House M.D. is entertaining and thought provoking. Plus, I don't watch a lot of TV, so I stick with what I like.

Each year the writers devise extended arcs. These arcs have often included romances between characters, often involving House. They started the year with best friend Wilson wanting to leave the hospital after the death of his girlfriend, presumably caused by House. It wasn't a bad arc. This one ended with the odd "trip to Dad's funeral".

Now we have the "Are House and Cuddy going to get together" story line. Part of me hopes that it ended this past Tuesday night, when Cuddy spotted House with another giggling woman when she was about to throw herself it him (we think). I don't think we're so lucky.

Writers and producers can read a calendar. My guess is that this "romance" will last through the February sweeps period. FOX will encourage viewers to keep up with the story line while the show moves from Tuesday to Monday. Then they will move to another arc to finish the season.

Actually, this is not a new story line. It has simply gone from subtle pretext to a prominent discussion each week. Was it just a year ago where, when House made an outlandish comment about the two of them getting together, Cuddy said "That boat sailed long ago"? Sounded to me like they already had an affair once.

Wilson is gently pushing the two together. The two of them are fighting it. You feel that Cuddy has been waiting for this. Sure, she's dated other men. She's tried to have a baby. She's tried to adopt. But all the while, she's been waiting for House to come around.

I'm not certain how this could not end badly. She's his boss. If he ruins her self-perception (and why wouldn't he, just for kicks), she could easily fire him. Who would follow him out the door? Cameron? Doubtful. Kutner? Maybe. Either that or she would quit the hospital. That would allow for a new hospital administrator. Wouldn't that be fun!

Foreman is just waiting for his chance to take over for House. Now would be an excellent time.

As screwy as all this is, knowing the writers, they will work their way out of this paper bag. Meanwhile, we'll have fun watching.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Barack Obama and Bill Richardson

I don't know a lot about politics.

That said, I think Barack Obama may have missed a good opportunity. This week, he announced Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State and Bill Richardson as his Secretary of Commerce.

He may find out that the two people should have switched positions.

Richardson has vast foreign policy experience. Far more than Mrs. Clinton. He would have been an excellent choice for that position.

Mrs. Clinton will do well, don't get me wrong. If anything, she will help deflect the news each day from Obama, which he will need heading into this administration. Still, she complained that with Obama there would be "on the job training". I feel we are going to have the same thing with Mrs. Clinton in this position.

Finally, if there were two people capable of "on the job training", it is Obama and Clinton. They have shown the ability to learn and lead. This is far from a gaffe by Obama. Just politics in play where the best choice was set aside.

What troubles me the most is that Richardson is 61. I was hoping he would run again in eight years, but he shouldn't at 69, anymore than McCain should have run in 2008. Still, Richardson will be a strong ally in this administration. The players are just about set. Let's go!!!


Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I can't believe it is December already. Christmas is quickly coming up the road. If anyone has any ideas for a special gift for my wife, something out of the ordinary, let me know. She deserves it so much. She is my special friend and this year has been hard for so many reasons. I would really like to do something special.

My son and daughter will be happy with what we have planned this year. We haven't talking much about my oldest and her fiance, but we'll come up with something.

Above all, be careful this holiday. We just had our first snow and ice for the 2008-09 winter season. It amazes me how people drive so close in this weather. Give yourself some braking room and be safe on the roads, okay?

If you have to drink, please don't drive. There is a former employee who was killed by a drunk driver the day before Thanksgiving. She was 25 years old and left a daughter behind. She was not drinking. Please remember those who you could hurt if you get behind the wheel.

I'll say it one more time: Be safe this holiday! And smile!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Survivor: Gabon

I can't believe a year ago I told my son I was done watching Survivor. Here it is a year later and we are deeply invested in the latest round in Gabon.

It hasn't been a bad season. They have kicked out most of the pretty girls and the buff fellas. They have one buff fella left (Matty). He had better win all of the remaining immunity challenges or he's going home. That's if the remaining players are smart.

There have been some high points this year. I liked seeing the elephants near camp. Randy was fun to watch. I knew he would be from the opening episode. He didn't disappoint, going down in flames. I can't wait for the finale to watch him tear into Crystal again.

It is too bad Ace was dropped before the jury selection. It would have been fun to see him look Sugar in the eye at the final tribal council, but I don't expect Sugar to make it there anyway, so I guess we have to wait for the reunion where they will say "no hard feelings". (wink, wink)

I'm guessing it goes like this: Corrine goes this week. Matty next week. Sugar the next week. Bob is the last to go. That leaves a final three of Susie, Ken and Crystal. Crystal will have too many enemies on the jury and Susie won't have enough friends. Ken will win out.

That's the Dimm view of Survivor. Let's see what happens.

High School Basketball

I fell asleep. That's my only statement.

My brother has two sons. One has graduated high school and received his four year degree. He's among the working class now and doing great.

His other son is a senior in high school and plays basketball. He's doing great as well.

For eight years, I have gone to see these two boys play basketball over Thanksgiving. Maybe not exactly eight years. Probably six, but both started playing on the varsity while sophomores. It's been fun to watch.

Let me be even more clear. My brother and his boys live about an hour from us. They play in another league in Illinois. The only time they travel close to us is for a holiday tournament over the Thanksgiving holiday. The tournament is played in our home town. It would be nearly impossible to ignore and not go see them play.

This year, they played Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I skipped Monday because I was busy and Tuesday was better for me. I planned to see him play Tuesday and Saturday before I realized the Saturday game would be played elsewhere. Once I realized that, I planned to go Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday I went to see him play. He played well. My brother was unhappy and the team lost, but I thought he played well. Sadly, the team lost Monday's game as well.

Friday, I went to work planning on seeing the game that night. I might mention now that the games are being played just four blocks from my home.

Somewhere between 7:00a that morning and 5:00p that night, I completely forgot about the game. I came home, kissed my wife and spoke to my daughter. I went upstairs and spoke to my son who was playing on the computer. I then laid down and fell asleep. I woke up about 6:45p and went downstairs.

My wife and I talked a bit about supper and we agreed to order pizza. I was casually looking at the newspaper when it hit me. By this time it was 6:55 or so. The game started at 6:00p. The pizza was ordered. There was no working this out.

I stayed home. We ate pizza. I considered traveling to the game on Saturday, but had other things that needed to be done. Talked myself out of it. As it turned out, they lost Saturday as well. 0-4 for the tournament.

Not that my attendence would have made any difference. I'm not that stupid. Still, I wish I had remembered to go Friday. It would have been my last chance to see him play.

Then again, they play a team about thirty-forty minutes south of here in late January. Maybe my daughter will come with me and we can watch him play, one last time.

Maybe that will make me feel like a better Uncle.

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