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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

John Williams - WGN

I just wrote a piece on John Williams, and wrote a bit about being in Chicago this past weekend. One thing I failed to mention in both pieces is how much I enjoy the storefront studio.

This year I had time to spot Steve Cochran and Nick Digilio. In years past I've been fortunate enough to see David Kaplin and John Williams.

As I said yesterday morning, I can't be more thrilled that John is getting this plum assignment. I considered bringing my resume to Tribune Tower Friday, but I was so busy preparing for the meetings I forgot to print one out. You know they would have put off the decision one more day if I had shown an interest in the job.

I remember when Spike took over, he had to abandon certain programming elements from his evening show. I hope John continues to have discussions with Thomas Jefferson and Bill Clinton. I hope he continues to fantasize on what really happened at the Cubs games. I especially hope he continues with his voicemail segment.

Best of all, I hope he continues to be one of the best interviewers this side of Milt Rosenberg. Whether he is talking to Alan Alda or Terry Savage, you know you are going to hear thoughtful questions and worthwhile discussion.

Funny, smart and engaging. WGN couldn't have made a wiser choice.

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