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Sunday, November 30, 2008

High School Basketball

I fell asleep. That's my only statement.

My brother has two sons. One has graduated high school and received his four year degree. He's among the working class now and doing great.

His other son is a senior in high school and plays basketball. He's doing great as well.

For eight years, I have gone to see these two boys play basketball over Thanksgiving. Maybe not exactly eight years. Probably six, but both started playing on the varsity while sophomores. It's been fun to watch.

Let me be even more clear. My brother and his boys live about an hour from us. They play in another league in Illinois. The only time they travel close to us is for a holiday tournament over the Thanksgiving holiday. The tournament is played in our home town. It would be nearly impossible to ignore and not go see them play.

This year, they played Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I skipped Monday because I was busy and Tuesday was better for me. I planned to see him play Tuesday and Saturday before I realized the Saturday game would be played elsewhere. Once I realized that, I planned to go Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday I went to see him play. He played well. My brother was unhappy and the team lost, but I thought he played well. Sadly, the team lost Monday's game as well.

Friday, I went to work planning on seeing the game that night. I might mention now that the games are being played just four blocks from my home.

Somewhere between 7:00a that morning and 5:00p that night, I completely forgot about the game. I came home, kissed my wife and spoke to my daughter. I went upstairs and spoke to my son who was playing on the computer. I then laid down and fell asleep. I woke up about 6:45p and went downstairs.

My wife and I talked a bit about supper and we agreed to order pizza. I was casually looking at the newspaper when it hit me. By this time it was 6:55 or so. The game started at 6:00p. The pizza was ordered. There was no working this out.

I stayed home. We ate pizza. I considered traveling to the game on Saturday, but had other things that needed to be done. Talked myself out of it. As it turned out, they lost Saturday as well. 0-4 for the tournament.

Not that my attendence would have made any difference. I'm not that stupid. Still, I wish I had remembered to go Friday. It would have been my last chance to see him play.

Then again, they play a team about thirty-forty minutes south of here in late January. Maybe my daughter will come with me and we can watch him play, one last time.

Maybe that will make me feel like a better Uncle.

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