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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Barack Obama and Bill Richardson

I don't know a lot about politics.

That said, I think Barack Obama may have missed a good opportunity. This week, he announced Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State and Bill Richardson as his Secretary of Commerce.

He may find out that the two people should have switched positions.

Richardson has vast foreign policy experience. Far more than Mrs. Clinton. He would have been an excellent choice for that position.

Mrs. Clinton will do well, don't get me wrong. If anything, she will help deflect the news each day from Obama, which he will need heading into this administration. Still, she complained that with Obama there would be "on the job training". I feel we are going to have the same thing with Mrs. Clinton in this position.

Finally, if there were two people capable of "on the job training", it is Obama and Clinton. They have shown the ability to learn and lead. This is far from a gaffe by Obama. Just politics in play where the best choice was set aside.

What troubles me the most is that Richardson is 61. I was hoping he would run again in eight years, but he shouldn't at 69, anymore than McCain should have run in 2008. Still, Richardson will be a strong ally in this administration. The players are just about set. Let's go!!!



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